Engelmann Sensostar 2

Engelmann SensoStar2/2+ - single-jet compact heat meter is designed for measurement of the consumed heat energy in a closed heating system.


Heat meters consist of a microprocessor-controlled calculator, two fixed attached temperature sensors for the forward and return flows, and a flow sensor. The large, easy-to-read display constantly shows the energy used.

Additional measurement and instrument data can be easily displayed by scanning three display loops. The integrated nonvolatile E²PROM automatically stores the meter data several times a day.

Meters are available with single-jet or multi-jet flow sensors in the nominal sizes Qp 0.6, 1.5 and 2.5 m³/h. Naturally, the flow sensors function on the principle of non-magnetic, feedback-free impeller scanning. This prevents the build-up of magnetite and guarantees start-up even with only minimal flow rates. For existing manufacturer-specific applications we can offer matching adaptions.


Meters can be split. That is, the calculator housing can be separated from the flow sensor. The two elements are permanently connected by a 30 cm long cable. This makes it possible for the heat meter to be mounted in even the narrowest instal-lation case and also still be easily accessible for reading.

Technical Data review

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